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As we humans take over and expand our activities into the remaining natural environment we come into closer contact with more species of rodents and more diseases.

Rodent Management:

Rodent Infestations

Rat problems are usually seen in kitchens, shafts, store and outside areas. Roof rat, Bandicoots, Norway rats and Mouse:

  • Use of glue traps, baits & rodent boxes to trap them
  • Baiting in the harbourage areas / Burrows by cake baiting
  • Identifying the entry of rats and suggesting ways to seal them

A thorough knowledge of rodent behaviour, rodenticides and its usage and experienced technical personnel are required for proper rodent control. We are glad to inform you that we have all of these and would be able to control the rodent population at your unit.
Our treatment would primarily consist of Trapping, baiting and burrow treatment

  • Relatively safe and highly effective single dose anticoagulant rodenticides which has ‘BROMADIOLONE’ as the active ingredient will be used in areas such as the Garden area and other areas where the usage of rodenticides is permissible. These rodenticides do not have the disadvantage that other rodenticides have such as pre-baiting, secondary poisoning and bait shyness. This product comes in the form of weather-proof wax blocks highly attractive and palatable to rodents. These baits are placed in strategic positions.
  • In areas outside the Buildings (within the premise) we shall also carry out treatment of burrows wherever it is found necessary